Clear on cancer – Help us help you

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Don’t let the thought of cancer play on your mind, if something in your body doesn’t feel right contact your GP practice.
To rule out cancer, your GP may refer you for tests. Whatever the result, your NHS is here for you.
Most people who go for tests find out it’s not cancer. Finding out sooner is always better.

NHS England & NHS Improvement has launched a new phase of the ‘Help Us, Help You’ campaign taking a radically different approach to detecting cancer earlier for patients, when it is easier to treat.

The campaign aims to address the barriers to people coming forward early by encouraging those who have noticed something in their body that doesn’t feel right and are worried it could be cancer to contact their GP practice. The campaign will reassure people by highlighting that most people who are referred for tests by their GP find out it’s not cancer and that finding out sooner is always better.

New survey data released reveals that while the majority of people knew catching cancer earlier makes it more treatable, over two fifths (42%) said they would ignore symptoms, wait to see if anything changed, look for answers online or speak to family and friends before seeing their GP

If something in your body doesn’t feel right or you are experiencing symptoms that last three weeks or more, don’t delay – contact your GP practice.

It’s probably nothing serious, but finding cancer early makes it more treatable.

Contact your GP practice if you experience any of the below symptoms:

  • Tummy trouble, such as discomfort or diarrhoea for three weeks or more;
  • Blood in your pee – even just once;
  • Unexpected or unexplained bleeding;
  • Unexplained pain that lasts three weeks or more;
  • An unexplained lump; or
  • A cough for three weeks or more (that isn’t COVID-19).

Not all the symptoms of cancer are easy to spot. Contact your GP practice if you experience one or more of these symptoms; for three weeks or more:

  • Unexplained weight loss;
  • Feeling tired and unwell and not sure why;
  • Heartburn or indigestion; or
  • Unusual, pale or greasy poo.