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The Practice is in the process of reinstating online appointment booking for all patients.

Appointments which will be available to book online:

  • Cervical screening appointments – to be made when you have been invited to book
  • Physio appointments – For review of joint and muscle problems
  • Urgent on the day telephone consultations with GPs
  • Routine telephone consultations with GPs

In future we hope to enable online booking for blood tests (where clinicians have requested) and for appointments for Annual Holistic reviews for long term conditions.

Please consider whether the GP is the most appropriate clinician for your problem. If you have a joint or muscle injury you should book directly with the Physio, if you have a foot problem please contact the Practice to book with our in-house podiatrist and if you have a medication problem we work closely with a number of Advanced Pharmacist who are able to book every week. These clinicians appointments are often available sooner than GPs and support our GPs to allow them to focus on advanced care.

The Practice also has a number of appointments which aren’t available online, such as extended access (appointment available on evenings, early mornings and weekends). If you are unsure who you need to speak to/see, please call the surgery on 01422 230730 and one of our Service Advisors will be happy to help.

If an appointment is inappropriately booked the Practice reserves the right to rearrange this with the appropriate clinician. We will contact you if this is the case.

It is very important that these appointments are booked appropriately. Any abuse of the system or inappropriate booking will be flagged, possibly resulting in restriction of online access to individuals. We hope that in opening online booking, our phone systems will be freed up to allow those without online access to contact us.

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