Annual Holistic Review

Annual reviews are changing….

You will now be invited to make an appointment around your birthday month! 

We have recently reviewed when we invite patients for their annual chronic disease reviews so we now aim to see patients in the month of their birthday. We hope that this also helps you to remember when your review takes place. 

From now on we will contact you the month before your birthday as a reminder to book your appointment, as well as arrange to have any blood taken beforehand if needed. 

Some patients may have just had their annual review and feel that another appointment is not necessary. We are aware of this and during this period of transition, the GPs have reviewed patient records and would like these patients to attend an interim appointment, so that future reviews will take place in their birthday month each year. 

If you have any long term conditions such as diabetes, asthma, COPD, hypertension for example, these will be reviewed in your appointment. We will also discuss the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and provide diet advice. Lifestyle and diet advice is also available here on our website. 

It will be easier to remember when your Annual Holistic Review is due each year! We will continue to provide excellent care in our appointments in a timely manner.

For most patients this will be one Annual Holistic Review appointment a year with an appropriately trained clinician however if you have a number of chronic conditions which includes asthma or COPD, you may have to see more than one clinician. Our Service Advisor team will book these for you when you contact us to make your appointment.